What does it mean to jaunt around the world?

Jaunting around the world sounds like the most incredible adventure. I have been lucky enough to spend a lot of my adult life being able to travel around a lot of the United States and Europe. I love land vacations and cruising. I love beaches and mountains. I love traveling with my children, solo, with friends, as a family and also alone with my husband. I love Disney World but also love getting away from amusement parks sometimes. We are blessed to be have been able to see quite a bit of the world, more than most Americans but I feel like I will never see quite as much as I’d like.

I really just wanted a place to share everywhere we’re going including how I plan, find our deals (because I am mostly a budget traveler), detail our cruise ports and ships we go on and just a way to remember all the amazing places we have been traveling to since moving to England in July 2018.

Here’s a picture from my recent trip to Paris with just the kids and I and a 3rd cousin. I just loved how it overlooked the Seine and had Notre Dame in the background.


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