May 13-15 Sea Day, Le Havre and back to Southampton

May 13 Sea Day

Last Sea Day. I started prepacking and enjoying my last day of relaxation before the last port day and getting home. Nothing too crazy went on. It was getting colder so we used the indoor pool, relaxed, I went to the show. Unlike my last cruise I didn’t really meet any other adults to hang out with which was a bit of a bummer as I really enjoyed being able to do that over our November Magnifica cruise. Today was all the face to face passport control. I wish all cruises did this! Seriously, USA ports should take note. And can I have that job?

May 14 Le Havre

I prebooked us a tour to Honfleur with Bee Le Havre from downtown. It was easy to get to. I had heard the walk was long into Le Havre so took a taxi but I definitely didn’t need to, the walk would have been pretty easy. We had a really nice time eating multiple gelatos and wondering the little shops. Would definitely go back and book with the same company. It was a great deal. There were a ton of rude pushy people, which by this point in my cruise I was just done dealing with and my American came out (shamefully) and I went off on them.

May 15 Southampton

We headed off pretty early and waited on our zone. It was quick and efficient. I called the taxi number given to me with my hotel package, got back to the van quickly and we were on our way. Another cruise in the books. I would definitely book from Southampton again. I did get annoyed by some demographics of people by the end of the cruise. I was tired of cruise food by the end of the cruise also. 15 nights is a long time to eat similar food. We did try Butcher’s Cut which opened late in our cruise and was delicious. The service was way too slow for my American kids who are used to 45 minute meals, lol. We’re definitely looking forward to our next MSC cruise in November.

Last of the Daily programs


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