11th Birthday Fun in London

Because we live only a couple hours away right now we end up in London a LOT! It’s a natural place to find something fun to do birthdays, so for my daughters 11th birthday I tried to find us some new (and old) things to do for the day. The day focused on three things: lunch at Rainforest Cafe (not my pick, but it was her birthday), 4pm showing of the musical Six, and then the Potion Lab at Cutter and Squidge.

Rainforest Cafe

The Rainforest Cafe is fun but expensive. My kids love it for some reason (they do at Disney World too, it’s not a new thing). So even though we offered a million other options this is where we went for lunch after dropping our bags at the Travelodge Southwark that I had pre-booked for the night. Lunch was pricey but came out quickly and the kids enjoyed their ribs. I ordered wings and my husband got some other chicken appetizer. I think it’s expensive for what it is and would rather pay for better tasting American food at the Hard Rock in Piccadilly Circus. But she enjoyed it and they all sang her Happy Birthday.

Rainforest Cafe, London


After killing a few hours shopping at Hamley’s the huge 6 story toy store famous in London and also hitting the huge Tottenham Court Primark we headed to pick up our ticket’s for SIX at the Art’s Theatre. This is a much smaller theatre and we had front row seats which were great. My kids have been listening to the music for months so it was great to finally see it in person with them (I went a few months back). I got front row seats which was a lot of fun, although the spotlights they use on the stage do blind those in the front row a bit. There were a couple Queens I thought were better this time over the last I saw it, and as expected a couple that I thought were better before. Guess that’s how it goes! I have tickets again in March and I’m excited to see them again. The musical in case you didn’t know is about King Henry VIII’s six wives and they tell their story in a pop musical. There is some definite sexual innuendo that goes over my kids heads, but some may not feel is appropriate.

Cutter and Squidge Potion Lab Tea

This was super cool! I definitely recommend it. It was about £100 for me and my daughter, I booked her as a VIP since it was her birthday and she got a gift bag with a mug, cookies and a couple extra specialty drinks which she enjoyed. The first part of the class focuses on making the potions which takes about 30 minutes (a drink and a treat). The rest is mainly taking advantage of the full tea that they offer. It is a LOT of food! 3 sandwiches, cheese pie, baby Yorkshire pudding, 2 desserts, 2 scones and then a treat to take home at the end also. I was stuffed and couldn’t finish it all. Bella really enjoyed it. She was the only kid which I thought was a bit weird but can definitely see the appeal for adults just wanting a fun time out. Cutter and Squidge


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