Traveling during COVID-19

I had all these amazing plans of beefing up my blog during 2020. I had some amazing trips planned to Scotland, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands… the list goes on. Like all travelers around the world my plans cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic. We thankfully lost very little money of the thousands we had spent for travels this year and definitely consider ourselves lucky in that department.

Travel opened back up for the UK mid July and early August. The rules have constantly been changing with where we can go though so all my COVID trips have been within the UK and I’m hoping to go through the 4 *real* trips we’ve done since things opened up.

Trips we’ve done during Covid and adding dates because what’s open and running is a fluid situation:

  1. Edinburgh, Scotland (August 1-8, 2020)- 7 nights in August with the kids and a friend
  2. Belfast, Northern Ireland (August 14-16, 2020)- 2 nights in August with a friend
  3. Wales (September 4-7, 2020)- 3 nights over Labor Day weekend September
  4. Inverness, Scotland (September 12-21) – 7 nights solo in September with a night in London on both sides

Upcoming trips that look like they should happen:

  1. Isle of Wight
  2. Florida (to see family with 14 day quarantine on return)

Will be trip reporting the first 4 trips over the next couple days and would love to hear all about your COVID-19 travels.


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