Belfast Long Weekend 2020

With limited options of travel I decided it would be nice to get away for a long weekend to Belfast. Main goals were to do the Titanic stuff and do a day tour to Giants Causeway and the Dark Hedges.

Thursday August 13, 2020 London

Thursday I took a late train from the town I live in to London. I booked a cheap Travelodge in Hounslow for the night for about £30. Since it was the first time in London since all the lockdowns I also had to stop and take a night photo of the London Eye.

London Eye

Friday August 14, 2020 Fly into Belfast

Friday morning we took the first tube from Hounslow to Heathrow. We specifically stayed closer to Heathrow so we could hit the early tube easily. We had a 7am flight out of Terminal 5 on British Airways. It was super smooth. Masks and all the new Covid measures in places.

Once we arrived we took a bus to the Premier Inn Alfred St which was nice, no frills and affordable. It was within walking distance of almost everything. We started the morning walking around and grabbed some breakfast at a Tim Horton’s that I found and was ridiculously excited about. We then took the bus to the Crumlin Road Gaol. We bought tickets when we got there and did one of the first tours. It was really neat and different than anything I had seen before and gave some good Irish history which I didn’t know a lot about.

After we had some lunch we headed to the Titanic Museum. You could easily spend hours in there but I admit I have about a 2 hour limit on museums because I start to get bored. The area is really pretty outside the museum also and nice to walk around.

Saturday August 15, 2020 Game of Thrones Day Tour

I saw a great Covid deal through Irish Tour Tickets for £20/per person to take my friend and I on a tour to Giants Causeway, Dark Hedges and some other GOT filming locations. The tour was easily worth way more than that so don’t let a higher price deter you from booking. It was pretty full though and I’m not sure I would say it was totally Covid secure compared to other tours I’ve done since Covid started. All of it was amazing though and I 100% would do it again (and may do that soon).

Sunday August 16, 2020 Black taxi tour and Fly home

The last day we did a private black taxi political tour. This was super informative for history geeks like me. It was really nice to see all the different murals and meanings and our tour guide was great. There’s a few different companies to choose from. We stored our bags at our hotel and then went back and called a taxi to the airport because we wanted to spend as long as possible in town before flying out and the Sunday schedule was a bit weird.


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