Packing Cubes- The Travel Item I Never Knew I was Missing

I’m currently in the middle of the chaos that packing myself and two kids on a 16 night trip with varying weather brings. We leave Monday for a night in Southampton and then to join our cruise on Tuesday for 15 night. (Have I mentioned the best part of cruising is going new places and only unpacking once?)

My best friend Nicole introduced me to packing cubes but it took me moving to England to actually buy myself some. I then bought more once we got here and still need another 3-5 to meet all our long trip needs.

Why packing cubes? For me it definitely saves on packing space. I have enough clothes for 16 nights for both kids including swimwear and pants for when we hit Northern Germany in one suit case! But really the best thing is unpacking when we arrive on our cruise and just plopping the cubes into drawers and everything is unpacked in minutes.

Packing cubes are also awesome when trying to maximize space, like every time we fly a budget airline in Europe such as RyanAir and Easy Jet. I can easily pack at least a weeks worth on my own clothes in my 40L Osprey bag (I’ll review this bag later on).

So if you’re trying to fit more and stay more organized definitely get some. My favorite set I have are these TravelWise ones from Amazon TravelWise Packing Cubes . I also got a cheap set from Target in a pinch when I was in the states. I’m hoping to try out some compression ones and Amazon ones next!

Have you found the travel cube love?


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