Is 15 nights too many?

So here’s the cruise we just did as a reminder. MSC Preziosa, 15 nights out of Southampton April 30, 2019.

So I got off the cruise last week and have slowly been getting back into regular life things. I had planned on blogging along the way on some of my down town (because let’s face it, I had a lot) but I got shut out of my iPhone on the first day and couldn’t fully get back on until we got back! More on that later.

So a few quick notes about the cruise and then I decided I’m going to detail what I did for those who may be stopping at the same ports.

  1. I’m not sure if 15 nights is too long or if 5 sea days is just too many for me, but I definitely started feeling more lonely and kind of bored this cruise. It’s definitely my last cruise I do alone with the kids for a while, I’ll definitely be using that 4th space next time with either my husband or someone else.
  2. I did not enjoy the Preziosa quite as much as I did the Magnifica for some reason.
  3. The kids club is why I will be continuing to use MSC primarily at least until my kids turn 12 and age into the next age group. They are seriously so amazing. Two of the women were on the 12 nights we did on the Magnifica back in November and they remembered both kids and just really go above and beyond.
  4. The food was okay. I started getting really down about the main dining room food part way through and I realized it was more because my table mates were super whiney about it than that it was really bad.
  5. I won’t cruise another ship that embarks in Germany ever again. Well… maybe if the itinerary is right.
  6. I thought my kids favorite ports would be the beach days in Spain but both kids favorites were Le Havre, Hamburg and Rotterdam.
  7. I love the combination of doing a few really planned days but doing our own thing on the others.

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